3 Key Questions to Ask Your Partner to Ensure a Happy Relationship

couple on beachHealthy relationships are not just about how much love is/is not present, but about habits we create in that relationship. One habit change that can be quite powerful is to replace “going to anger” or “shutting down” during conflict with a weekly habit of partners asking three questions*.
1. Is there anything that I need to apologize for?
2. Is there anything you need from me that you’re not getting?
3. How can I be a better partner?Be open to really hearing what your partner is trying to say.

Change your habits and you’ll change your relationships!

*Click here to read Karen O’Connor’s full post.

Secrets to Growing a Healthy Relationship

We know that to grow a tiny seed, DAILY care is necessary. For relationships to grow and not become stagnant or even fractured, several key factors must be a part of that care.
Sprout.According to research by John Gottman, one key factor is described as “turning toward each other.” That factor is described as the number of “bids” each person makes in the marriage for their partner’s attention, affection, humor or support….those tiny moments when we CHOOSE to turn toward our partner instead of away from them. Examples can include bringing your partner their coffee or choosing loving humor instead of choosing to fight. 
Those little doses of “care” about each other can make the difference between a healthy, intimate relationship and being roommates or adversaries. So, how does your garden grow? What tiny moments are you choosing to turn toward your spouse? Enjoy seeing the fruits of your labor!
“The quality of your life is the quality of your relationships.”
~Tony Robbins