How to Transform Your “Vicious Cycle” into RESULTS!

Behavior cycleWhen you feel “stuck,” does it feel like you are spinning your wheels?

We create a “vicious cycle” of repeated behavior we DO NOT want. However, WE CAN CHANGE OUR BEHAVIOR by changing one part of the cycle.

Which part of the cycle do we need to strategically change?

Our THOUGHTS that we choose!

The cycle begins with an EVENT (someone cuts you off on the highway).

The THOUGHTS you can choose from could include (“There goes a real jerk.”) OR (“Wow, they are needing to get somewhere fast.”) Our brains can find evidence to support the bits of truth for all of our thoughts, so why not choose the one that could produce a more empowering cycle?

Each thought produces a FEELING. Which thought could produce a less intensely negative feeling? (The second one)

Then the feeling you have produces ENERGY. Is this energy related to feelings of anger and frustration or calm and focus? (The second thought is more likely to produce the calm and focus.)

And, then, that energy will determine your BEHAVIOR (Anger could create a road rage situation and result in an accident or speeding ticket or added stress to your day.) OR (Peace and calm could help create less stressed behaviors and your ability to focus on more fun or productive activities.)

Finally, the behavior you indulge will most likely influence further EVENTS in your life.

When we choose the more empowering thought, then we are able to transform the “vicious” cycle into an “empowering” cycle that results in the outcomes we want.

What lies or partial truths have you been buying into?

          How could you apply this cycle concept
to your life?

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