How to Make Better Choices


When life’s circumstances have you feeling frustrated, worried, defeated, ashamed, and doubtful, you are out of integrity, or alignment, with who you really are. When out of that alignment, you will begin to make decisions and choices that are less likely to get you the outcomes you want in life.


SO… make better choices, shift into a greater sense of integrity, and create alignment with your truest self (which impacts the world around you), do the following exercise and practice it over the next week to see how it changes those negative moments.


Think about who you are at your core level….your strengths, values, and how you WANT to “show up” in your world. Then complete the following statement:

     “I am _______________________.”

Make sure you choose words and metaphors that are empowering and positive.

For example:

“I am a woman of courage, integrity, intelligence and resourcefulness.”

“I am a powerhouse of light, beauty and strength.”

“I am like a tree with deep roots of strength and courage and tall, outwardly reaching branches of shade, comfort and nurturing care.”

Now, begin to say that to yourself and let it resonate over the next week. Stand tall with your shoulders back and say it. Notice the shift of how you feel when you say it.

So, you don’t believe it quite yet? The cells in our bodies have an amazing memory. When you are upset, yet smile, research has discovered that the muscles going into smile formation signal your brain to go to “happy.” (All the more reason to pay attention to our body language!) The same with our words we use.

We tend to believe and live out the words we say to ourselves. Would you rather believe and live out those negative words and phrases in your thoughts or positive ones you create from your values and truest self?

Consider the next time you feel anxious or fearful or doubtful. If your “I AM” statement is “I am a woman of courage, integrity, intelligence, and resourcefulness, “ then ask yourself,

“What would a woman of courage, integrity, intelligence and resourcefulness do in this situation?

When you ask yourself better questions related to your “I AM” statement, you are making choices and decisions from a more empowered place of integrity and aligning with your truest self.

The smallest actions we take on a consistent daily basis can completely change the trajectory of our lives.

Much joy and peace,






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